On your visit, you can expect it to feel like church. You won’t mistake it for a rock concert, a theatre, a Broadway musical, positive-thinking seminar, or a political rally. It feels different than anything else throughout the week – it feels like church. You won’t find rock music necessary to get people involved in the singing. We believe that the worship of God as given by precept and example in the New Testament consists of assembling to pray, sing, praise God, offer up thanksgiving, exhort one another. The old hymns of the faith are alive and well and sung with a passion. You will find some old music and some new songs, but all of them will still sound like they belong to God. And God deserves quality.

You will also find that we still believe in preaching God’s Word. It will be direct and unapologetic, but it will also be truth. Our goal is not to make you laugh or make you cry or even to help you feel good. Our goal is to help you change by understanding how God’s truth affects your daily life. We have found that when people do good, feeling good is automatic and longer-lasting. Every service will challenge you from God’s holy, preserved, infallible and inspired Word.

Basically, it will feel like church should feel. Not too trendy. Not too traditional. In fact, we like to think it feels… timeless.